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You Don’t Have To Be Jewish To Dislike Netanyahu

March 7, 2015

I recently posted two pieces about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s inability to work for peace. In those posts, November 1st and March 2nd, I made the case that the Prime Minister is not interested in peace. Instead, Netanyahu is only interested in solidifying his image as a tough guy, a feared leader, a protector of Israel. In fact, I’d paraphrase Frederick Forsyth: “In the world of diplomacy, he’s just another asshole.” While this may seem harsh, his visit to a joint session of the U.S. Congress on March 3, 2015 was ill-timed, ill-mannered, and ill-suited to the role of a statesman. But then Netanyahu is not a statesman. While I might spend time here doing a post about the lunacy of the March 3 speech to Congress, others have weighed in, and I’ll simply endorse their thoughts.


In a full-page March 2, 2015 ad in the New York Times, the magazine Tikkunwhich declares their mission as “dedicated to healing and transforming the world”—offered a thoughtful pre-speech message to the Prime Minister. The headlines of the ad were

“No, Mr. Netanyahu— you do not speak for American Jews . . .

And… The American People Do Not Want a War with Iran!”

More than 2000 people signed and supported the ad. And it’s worth a wider audience.


Then there is the same-day opinion piece offered by the New York Times Editorial Board titled “Netanyahu’s Unconvincing Speech to Congress“. It quickly cut to the chase with this bottom-line assessment:

“Mr. Netanyahu’s speech offered nothing of substance that was new, making it clear that this performance was all about proving his toughness on security issues ahead of the parliamentary election he faces on March 17. He offered no new insight on Iran and no new reasons to reject the agreement being negotiated with Iran by the United States and five other major powers to constrain Iran’s nuclear program. His demand that Mr. Obama push for a better deal is hollow. He clearly doesn’t want negotiations and failed to suggest any reasonable alternative approach that could halt Iran’s nuclear efforts.”


Benjamin Netanyahu does not want peace. He longs for war with Iran. Particularly with American planes, American ships, American firepower, American money, and of course, American lives. If he is so certain about Iran’s plans—as he has been for twenty years, a certainty that he continues to offer—then do the unthinkable, at least unthinkable in your current mindset. Take a page from the Anwar Sadat-Menachim Begin playbook. Go to Tehran. Speak with Iran directly. Let them see the desire for war oozing from your pores. Maybe they’ll quiver in your presence, maybe they’ll spit in your face; or perhaps they’ll look on such a gesture from you as launching not missiles, but dialogue. Mr. Netanyahu. Shout for peace, not for war. But if it’s war you want, do it yourself.


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  1. Thank you for your post!

    Here you’ll see a video of a presentation Netanyahu made before a Congressional committee in 2002 in which he encouraged a US attack upon Iraq. “A nuclear-armed Saddam will place the security of our entire world at risk,” he says at one point.It seems very much as if this man has been advocating war throughout much of his adult life.

    A war that costed the US tax payer 2 trillion dollars, thousands of dead marines, and tens of thousands with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and or handicapped.

    You will also most probably find this post interesting:

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