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(Although many of my readers will not fully understand this blogpost, I thought this was the place to post a message to my friend Jayne.

Besides, it’s a reminder that I’ve just got to start going through my emails more regularly….)

June 22, 2014

Sometime ago, perhaps February (?), I recall seeing the first vestiges of spam in my email account. This was a somewhat unusual event in my online life. I came to believe that I’ve been spared excessive spam and hacking for three reasons, only two of which I can remember.

First, I’ve been an Apple devotee for 34 years. It started with the Apple II, purchased in 1980 while working in Hollywood (CA); then my Macintosh arrived in 1984 (yes I was an early adopter), followed by a succession of Apple products I learned to love (with one exception). Apple (historically) has had a fraction of the virus and hacking problems afflicting PCs. But this isn’t about Apple.

My second belief in a life reasonably free from the PC hacking, spamming, virusing, etc., has been my insistence on staying with AOL for my email. In 1996 I went to work for a jazz record label in New York and decided to change my personal email to reflect the change. Embarking on a new career as GM of GRP/Impulse Records, I checked to see if the name Jazzdavid was available. AOL said it was, and frankly, I’ve not wanted to change to any other service for fear of having to add some number or alpha suffix to Jazzdavid. (Jazzdavid57 just wouldn’t feel right.) And these days, what self-respecting evil techie would attack an AOL account?

(If I remember the third rationale I’ll update the blog.)

As I said at the outset, my concern seemed appropriate as it appeared someone had hacked my email account and started sending me emails using the names in my list of contacts. As some of you may have experienced, when familiar names yet questionable email addresses show up in your email’s inbox we are to be cautious. And having been properly conditioned over the last decade or so, I chose to delete the suspect emails for fear of unleashing the viral hounds.


l-r: David, Jayne, Mike, Caitie.

Yet, the strange emails continued to show up. And, due to the spelling of the “sender’s” name, I grew increasingly curious about whether or not I might actually know the author. After all, while many women have used the spelling, the only Jayne with a “Y” I’ve known is Jayne Simon. So I opened the email and what did I find? Simply this:  I’ve been ignoring one of my longtime friends for months. Brilliant.

So here I am, finally getting a grip on the true meaning of the “Jayne’s WTF!* Page” email. It should have been obvious, since I’ve heard Jayne on any number of occasions say WTF, or as we truly understand it, “what the fuck”. That’s “What the fuck” as in, “David, what the fuck were you thinking?”, or “David, what the fuck makes you believe that’s the way to market the new Janet Jackson album?”, or “Dolly, what the fuck were you thinking marrying this asshole?”. In short, I’m late to the party but I finally showed up.

So for my friend Jayne, I’m back in touch, and I’m taking the liberty of posting this on my blog along with a favorite photo, i.e., proof that you know me just in case you go into denial, as in “What the fuck makes any of you think I know this asshole?.”

David Steffen

© David Steffen 2014

P.S. Jayne passed away on October 19, 2014. My good friend. Thank you for all you meant to me. And to everyone.


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