Harry Reid Should Cancel The Filibuster Agreement   Leave a comment

January 25, 2013

All’s Fair.

A ruling from the D.C. court signals that it’s time for Harry Reid to immediately withdraw his tentative agreement with Minority Leader McConnell and go for a much bigger change in the Senate Rules regarding filibusters. The D.C. Court has ruled as invalid President Obama’s recess appointments for the Labor Relations Board (a part of the government that Republicans have a particular dislike for). For anyone who believes that one issue has nothing to do with the other, please read on. This morning’s court ruling would be bad enough if it came at a time when the minority party in the U. S. Senate were not so consistently strident (or outright hostile) about letting President Obama submit his appointments for a fair hearing and an up or down vote. Instead, the GOP senators have taken the vast majority of Obama’s appointments hostage by virtue of gaming the Senate rules. So, as allowed under the constitution, President Obama made some recess appointments.  “A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that allowing the president to make such appointments as a way around Senate opposition ‘would wholly defeat the purpose of the Framers in the careful separation of powers structure’ they created.” Lovely thought from the court as quoted in the Washington Post article, yet the GOP has made a mockery of Advise & Consent. They have offered little if anything constructive and instead have taken the low-road to sabotage most of what the majority of Americans voted for, twice. The people want Obama to lead, as clearly indicated in 2008 and reaffirmed in 2012. The reality is that the GOP believes in advise & OBSTRUCT as their constitutional authority.

If the D.C. Circuit sides with the GOP it’s easy to anticipate how the Roberts Court will rule. Therefore, Mr. Majority Leader Reid, wake up. Smell the fix. It’s in if you haven’t noticed. Withdraw immediately all support for the weak filibuster deal you made with Senator McConnell. Go for broke. As I’ve said in other postings, it’s time to risk much to succeed much. We can’t let the minority GOP rule the majority Democrats from the back bench or from weak-minded members of the courts. As the saying goes, Mr Reid, grow a pair.

David Steffen

© 2013 David Steffen


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