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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Say Anything? Apparently Jennifer Rubin will.

In her Right Turn blog in today’s Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin offered readers this teaser of a title: “Who’s To Blame For The Original Cairo Apology”. The problem with the title is it’s blatantly wrong. It sits right up there with “When did you stop beating your wife”, as a superficial question posed to elicit a desired response—in this case blood lust from her core readers. Rubin’s “true-believer” friends and fans on the far right—birthers, conspiracy theorists, etc.—must have loved it. Everyone else was forced to re-read her blog looking for the beef.  In this case, no beef was to be found. To offer an old cliché’, Ms. Rubin, in her blog, wrote a check she just can’t cash. So I posted a response to her blog on the Post’s website and what follows is, in large measure, that response.

Ms. Rubin.

It’s one thing for the Romney campaign, including Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, John Bolton, Jim DeMint, and others to declare that apologies we’re the order of the day from the State Department and the White House, or to apply sympathizer to President Obama as a pejorative. The truth, for these same people, is much harder to deal with. There was no apology. Ambassador Anne Patterson, a respected diplomat, was not in Cairo at the time, but speaking as one who’s run businesses, I can only believe that someone of her reputation would not have a bozo working for her in Cairo, and wouldn’t be unhappy at an attempt by an understudy to quell a problem.  That attempt, as widely reported, included the following statement:

We firmly reject the actions of those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others. [Around the same time, a pair of now-deleted tweets reportedly say:] We condemn the ongoing attempts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims. . . as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.

The statement released by the Cairo embassy was one staffer’s reasonable attempt to preempt a diplomatic row or worse. Unfortunately, worse is what we got but the attempt was nevertheless, in diplomatic terms, reasonable. And the timeline of the unfolding events contradicts Governor Romney, et al. As for the President and the Secretary of State, Obama never offered any apology. Hillary never offered any apology.  But Romney, the Republican standard bearer, as well as RNC head Priebus couldn’t be bothered with any of the pesky facts, and began the drumbeat of “apologist” as just another careless campaign tactic. And now you, Ms. Rubin, extend the lie on their behalf.  Ms. Rubin, you write for a powerful newspaper. Don’t you think it’s time to hire your own fact-checker before you repeat obvious lies? And by the way, when you don’t ascribe the lies to the originator, as in the title of your column–“Who’s To Blame For The Original Cairo Apology”–then you, Ms. Rubin, become the liar.
© David Steffen 2012

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  1. The funny thing is, Romney’s revised statement the next day said exactly the same thing–“this was hurtful and unnecessary, but I defend their right to say it.” And given that American lives were (obviously, in retrospect) at stake, why shouldn’t the Cairo embassy make it clear that the majority of Americans don’t stand with those trying to whip up hatred against Islam?

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