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Each month, I examine the published remarks of the famous and not so famous. It’s an opportunity to remind myself just how stupid, funny, insightful, irreverent, clever, naive, dangerous, or just plain unreal people can be. I for one do not believe that remarks are ever unintended, casual, or accidental. They are always rooted in some deeply imbedded feelings and as such, come out of the speaker’s mouth (or writer’s pen) to advance a specific agenda. In the case of many a comedian, the agenda is get someone to laugh (or cringe.) For a celebrity they work to further a career. In the case of politicians, they are to advance ideology as well as personal and political power. And to a some it’s a dangerous means to a deadly end.

So here within the next few postings, I’ll present my list of the Top Quotes for the month. January 2012 gave us some beauties. Follow the link and enjoy (or become infuriated. . . .)

Next: Corporations Are Not People, Unless Someone Kills One

David Steffen

© David Steffen 2011

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